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Bringing the set to you.

Video Production



Call of the Loon Productions offers a wide variety of video production services. With our experience producing award-winning documentaries, our style of shooting is grounded in field production. From the production standpoint this means we are nimble on our feet, and our equipment is designed to go anywhere, even our lights and audio gear. Whether you're a business looking for multimedia marketing content or a non-profit looking to tell your story, our style of shooting allows your media to have the most authentic feel. This, in turn retains the trust you've established with your clients and entices prospectives with fresh, new visuals that speak to what your brand is all about. 


Are you a large business / corporation looking for video? Not only do we offer products such as promotional videos, instructional videos, training videos, video presentations, explainer videos, etc. but we also have many years of experience dealing with the inner workings of larger organizations. Whether it's complying with non-disclosure agreements, or ensuring our team meets industry-specific safety standards, we have you covered. Whatever your needs may be as a large company or organization, we can create a custom approach to help make the process as smooth as possible. 

Video Production
Tourism Video


It can be difficult to capture the beauty of remote locations for a video medium on a professional level, unless you're Call of the Loon. Our mobility on-location is certainly a point of pride for us, but getting TO the location (with gear) can be half the battle!  We have years of experience producing high-end content while navigating the logistics behind both domestic and international travel as a video production company. From adventure tourism campaigns, to lifestyle videos for luxury resorts we feel right at home, even on the road. 


With our experience shooting video at 30+ hotels and resorts from Alaska to the Caribbean, we have come to understand that producing quality content in such environments can be quite the balancing act. You need to get the best possible shot without negatively impacting the guest experience. Our equipment and small team allow us to be highly flexible and unobtrusive leaving a very small footprint, all while producing high-quality content for your property. Whether you're looking for room category walkthrough videos, or a lifestyle video to highlight the guest experience, we can make it happen! Reach out to learn more!

Hospitality video
Event Video


Events require maximum flexibility, decisiveness and endurance. We understand that events can change in real time and our team is always prepared to make decisions on the spot regarding the production. We can conduct interviews on the fly, and are always prepared to work long hours in order to truly capture the essence of your event.


In order to maximize the media content we can provide our clients, Call of the Loon Productions offers a "hybrid" style of shooting. With hybrid shooting, we split our teams' efforts into cinematic video capture and photography. Shooting in such a way allows us to offer our clients a full media package containing videos and photos to add to their marketing arsenal. Not only does this type of production add style cohesion to reinforce the brand your customers know and love, but it also can be a more affordable option if you are looking for both video and photo. 



Call of the Loon Productions has many years experience capturing still images alongside our video projects in turn creating the content for many successful multimedia marketing campaigns. Our work can be found in a variety of publications and exhibits-- including maps, brochures and newsletters. When it comes to post-processing we believe that the raw photo is our canvas and we don't hesitate to unleash the potential of the image captured.


At Call of the Loon, we edit everything in-house. If you already have footage, we can take care of the post-production process for you. We edit in both Adobe Premiere / After Effects and DaVinci Resolve on Apple M1 Max chips, offering quick turnaround times. Reach out to learn more about collaborating with us for your post-production needs. 

Video Editing Timeline
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